Consulting for Certification

Consulting for Certification

Technical and commercial consultancy on the requirements for obtaining and maintaining recognised Halal certifications in the national and international markets of interest, identifying suitable certification bodies and facilitating their contact, as well as assistance and accompaniment in the various phases: before, during and after the issue of Halal certification.

The complex diversification of the international mosaic of Halal Standards and the rapidity with which the requirements and standards related to Halal Certification are updated, often make it necessary to have recourse to several Certification Bodies, depending on the category of product and/or service to be certified, the target market and the accreditations and recognitions that each Certification Body possesses.  In other words, covering all destinations with a single certification body is now a utopia. In this complex framework, the role of HD becomes fundamental and decisive. 

HD identifies the Certification Body(ies) appropriate to each specific case and proposes it to the Customer for decision, after careful analysis of the Customer's business context, of the products and/or services subject to certification and of the target markets of interest to the Customer. 

The Halal Certification service is subject to the conditions and methods of supply defined by the Certification Bodies, which may ask the Customer to sign a specific certification contract.

The economic aspect of Halal certifications is directly regulated by this Contract. The other aspects, like the Certification Schemes, the technical and legal aspects, will be regulated by the individual certification contracts that will be signed between the Client and the individual Certification Body. 

All transactions between the Customer and the Certification Bodies will be carried out through and with the constant assistance and advice of HD, which will always place the Customer's interest at the forefront.

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