Halal certification: Increasing demand in 2019

Halal certification: Increasing demand in 2019

The Muslim religion has always been at the center of the economic policies of the countries of the Gulf and Southeast Asia, so the food sector is constantly and strictly controlled to avoid introducing banned foods, namely Haram foods, such as pork and alcohol. The permitted foods, on the other hand, Halal, are beginning to become a necessity and a need for the rest of the world as well. Nowadays, retailers must be prepared to examine, analyse and take into account the different cultural elements if they want to be present or launch a product in foreign markets.

For companies that want to market with countries of Muslim origin, where religion can be considered as an immutable element of economic, cultural and political development and obliges companies to adapt their sales-offering and marketing practices, it is necessary to obtain Halal certification of compliance and advice on legal policy developments in Halal Global markets.

But overall, the growth of the GDP of these countries, linked to an expanding demography, means that the Islamic world presents real opportunities for growth. The global Halal market is estimated at about 2,300 billion dollars, up 6% per year (sources: https://www.halalint.org/it/servizi-hia).

At the same time as the number of Muslim believers in Italy is growing: 3,900,000.00, in Europe: 66,000,000, in the WORLD: 2.1 billion people (sources: https://www.halalint.org/it/servizi-hia), just as the economy of those countries is growing, so too is the need for companies to enter the Halal world and therefore the need and desire to satisfy this group of new customers. To be precise, there are strong economic interests and a strong and continuous request to certify their products and services.

Consumer behavior:

the behavior of Muslim consumers in the world today is in line with Western trends in the food and cosmetics sector, the rules of beauty and fashion are the most dynamic areas.

cultural evolutions can open the doors to many interested companies.

Halal development offers a detailed path on the economic, social-cultural, political and legal evolution of the Muslim world, an essential path for companies that intend to approach the Global Halal market (link services: http://www.halaldevelopment.com/it/soluzioni).